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    No matter how strong you are, at some point your fingers will be the weakest link. The Gripster™ was developed to help you methodically increase your finger strength all while keeping the risk of injury incredibly low.

  • Get strong fingers

    This awesome new tool will help you strengthen your fingers, and improve your climbing fast. The Gripster™ was developed by climbers for climbers.

  • Train Climbing Specific Muscles

    Use The Gripster™ to train climbing specific muscles with dynamic movement. The Gripster™ can be connected to a cable pulley machine in your local gym so you can do sets and reps of any weight you like.


  1. The Chunkster
    The Chunkster™ is a blockish rectangular shape. It has a 3” wide pinch a 4” wide pinch and a nice sloper. Learn More

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