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  1. The Gripster 2.0 The Gripster 2.0

    The Gripster 2.0

    The Gripster

    The Gripster 2.0 has been replaced by The Gripster 3.0! Click here to see The Gripster 3.0

    The Gripster is sold as individual units

    The Gripster™ was built for climbers by climbers. Train harder and develop grip strength fast without the risk of injury. The Gripster™ utilizes similar principles to a hangboard without risking injury to pulleys and tendons. With The Gripster™ you can replicate hangboard training with the benefit of creating a methodical training regiment working increments of weight and slowly increasing over time. You don't need to hang on a hangboard while standing on a block or timing short increments and reps.
    Demand for the Gripster is growing as people realize they can train grip strength without putting strain on the shoulder joint. There's a new type of finger strength training that's gaining momentum called no hangs. It's done using The Gripster, you just attach the weight and pick it up off the ground. It isolates the fingers the same as a hang board but you are not suspending your body weight at all. Better for the shoulder, same finger strength gains. The Gripster is the original no hang device for climbing!

    • New and Improved Design with 5 awesome colors
    • Innovative, portable training device
    • independent unit with fixed single point suspension; allows for rotation of joints for injury prevention
    • The master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry
    • Extra grippy texture
    • Sloper on top, vertical 2 finger and thumb pinch, thin pinch, wide pinch and 4 different sized finger ledges make this training device an extremely versatile tool

    After having so much success with The Gripster original we decided to make some additions to the shape. The Gripster 2.0 is the new version that incorporates as many of the users suggestions as possible. For this iteration we needed to work within the constraints of the tools available in our workshop.
    We updated many aspects of The Gripster. New additions include:

    • 15 degree in cut to each edge.
    • Grip surface texture stops before the edge.
    • New smooth rounded bevel on each edge. (This makes it much more gentle on the skin.)
    • Removed surface texture from areas where textures are not requited.

    The Gripster 2.0 comes out of the mold a lot cleaner than The Gripster 1. This is because we also completely overhauled our molding process. We can now make gripsters faster at a much higher quality. The Gripster 2.0 looks way more professional and cleaner than the original.
    For the new changes we turned to reddit where many of our users discuss training on the climbharder thread. We also teamed up with Milyoo (Tommy) who’s one of the moderators and a leading contributor on the thread. Tommy’s a full-time climbing coach and loves training with the gripster. Tommy coined the term “No hangs” and has a bunch of reasons why no hangs are a better way to train finger strength.
    No Hangs are an exciting new training method. No hangs are super simple and easy, they require no machines, no cables, no suspension. Just you, The Gripster and the weight you attach to it.
    To do no hangs simply connect The Gripster directly to weights. Start out with a small amount of weight to test what your fingers can take to prevent injuries. When your ready just lift The Gripster up off the ground.
    One of the advantages of no hangs over hangboarding is a much lower risk of injury to the fingers and shoulders. When hangboarding it's much harder to train a specific amount of weight. You can always set up a pulley and add weight connected to your harness to reduce the amount of body weight your hanging on, but your still on both hands. With no hangs it's more direct. You have an exact amount of weight on one hand at a time.
    The main purpose of hangboard training is to isolate and condition your fingers. However your in suspension hanging from the shoulders. This puts un-nessasry stress on the shoulders. Doing no hangs with The Gripster allows you to isolate and train the fingers without putting unnecessary stress on the shoulder joint.

    Unfortunately many people get rotator cuff or shoulder impingements while hangboard training. Training your finger strength should help not harm your climbing!

    2nds Quality. Sometimes Gripsters that have small fabrication defects will be available at a cheaper price. They will show in the color selector. Please note these have minor defects. The defects do not affect the performance or usability. They are only visual defects.

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